She was born and raised in KZN, attended an all girls’ high school and went on to study Media & Communications and Drama & Performance. After working as an actress and journalist for 2 years, she moved to Cape Town in 2012 when a hunger for independence, success and a change of scenery came over her.


When Tamika is not formulating plans for the Cointreau marketing strategy in South Africa, she is acting on stage as part of the Amdram Fraternity, shopping or climbing a mountain in her city.  Her friends describe her as “gregarious, enigmatic and full of life,” and that is exactly what she is.


She grew up in a family surrounded by laughter, culture and interesting people. Her mother taught her that education and independence are very important for women, thus inspiring Tamika to take on the world.


She thrives off of people’s energies and enjoys being encouraged by and encouraging others to talk about, be inspired by, educate and showcase their creativity without having any restrictions.


“I am not your orthodox, typical Indian female. I don’t conform, I break rules and I love life. I am unashamedly unapologetic for who I am and what I want to be. I am constantly evolving and each person that touches my life in a big or small way, impacts me, and shapes me into another being,” she says. She feels strongly about women empowerment and being raised by a single mom has taught her that “women can do anything. They are strong, they are brave. And, they have an innate desire to survive and succeed.” Tamika enjoys encouraging women to explore their talents in order to achieve success.


“I could not be working on a more inspirational brand. Cointreau is quirky, sexy, glamourous and chic. It is unconventional and unassuming, much like me. I cannot wait to see what South Africa has to offer and I’m really looking forward to seeing the Grant entries. Dream.Dare.Create, always!”